Stacie Newman – Before & After

"Before I began training with Amy i felt like I tried everything to loose weight and didn’t get any results. I exercised, doing the elliptical, and ate food I thought was healthy, such as frozen lean cuisines, smart ones, and even counted calories. However, I wasn’t getting results and became frustrated. I felt tired, had a lack of energy, and felt defeated.
I started working with Amy August of 2010. She taught me how to eat the right kinds of foods, for energy, nutrition, and to still be satisfied. I learned it wasn’t gonna be short term but I was learning these skills for life. I knew I wanted something different, just didn’t know how to get there. Diet is the key to losing my weight. It helped me get 70~80% of my results. The other 20~30% came from working with her through weight training 2~3 days per week as well as her setting me up with a cardio plan 5~6 days per week. This is what I wanted to achieve my goals.

I lost 40 lbs and gained confidence, muscle, and a friend for life. Thank you Amy!"
- Stacie Newman

"I just started my fitness journey this week. I've heard great things about this place for a long time. I'm finally glad I took the time to invest in myself. I'm seeing one of their trainers, Amber, and she has been amazing. I've done things I never thought I would do. Always greeted with a warm smile and I leave feeling encouraged. You gotta check this out for yourself." -Carrie Arnold (Jan 2018)


"I love taking classes here. They are always challenging. There's always a way to push yourself a little harder or modify if you are beginning. Every trainer I have had is awesome at what they do. The studio puts out challenges/competitions that keep us motivated to stay on track. I love it!" -Stacy Teodosio 


“You have changed my life. I’m more physically fit, better physique with less body fat, and just feel better about my body.”
- John Maxwel


Kris Plaehn – Before & After

"I was never an athlete, never in a gym, 75 pounds overweight and didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin.  Working with Amy gave me the knowledge to walk in a gym, look at all those machines and free weights and be able to say to myself “I can do this”.

I’m still not an athlete, and I could still afford to lose a few pounds, but I feel strong and in shape!

I have so much more confidence in my life; knowing that I finally was able to get some definition in those arms, that I could follow a training plan that she crafted that allowed me to run (run!) a half-marathon, that I can push through a work-out with Amy encouraging me and feel exhausted and elated at the same time."
- Kris Plaehn

"Great place for all at any fitness level. I'm so glad I found this place. I feel lucky to have Amy Jo and her studio close to me to go to. It's a great place to be around like minded fitness folks and professionals. This place and the people there motivate and challenge me. I'm constantly learning here. I recommend them 100%." -Alexi Moore (Dec 2017)



"Amy Jo is an incredible, talented, and highly knowledgeable trainer. I would put her above the label "trainer" and call her a health and fitness professional because of all that she stands for. Her knowledge in nutrition is unparalleled compared to most trainers. She does not believe in cookie cutter plans, but creates meal and training plans that fit into your lifestyle and needs. Amy Jo is an amazing person inside and out with the biggest heart in the industry. If you want a trainer that listens to your needs, cares about your health, and will push you out of your comfort zone then look no further." -Jessica Benton 


Tanya Huson – Before & After

I thought I was eating the right foods, I worked out 7 days a week, spent hours at the gym. I always wanted to be the hardest working person in the gym. I had endless motivation. I would leave the gym soaked in sweat, every musle fiber exhausted, feeling accomplished but I still wasn’t seeing the physical results for the amount of hard work I was dedicating to my health and fitness. To the point where I didn’t like telling people how much time I spent at the gym!? After a few years of this, how do you not get discouraged? I thought because I was a successful college athlete that I didn’t need a trainer. I thought I would get results based on my pure athletism and motivation. Although both are great, I needed structure and more purpose to my workouts in order to take my fitness to the next level… I needed an expert.

I decided it was time to make an investment in my body, and I’m so happy I did! I began training with Amy Jo 7 months ago. Transformation began almost immediately — mentally and when I looked at myself in the mirror. She made changes to my eating habits and added more structure and focus to my weigh training routine and cardio plan. With Amy Jo’s guidance I was able to get my body fat down to 9% for my competition and build the lean muscle definition that I always strived for on my own. It’s has been an amazing fitness journey that is still going!

Amy Jo opened my eyes to what clean eating really means. She helped me train and prepare for my first figure competition, but more importantly, she helped me structure my eating “after the show”. She helped me understand the importance of finding a balance in your diet and excerise whether you are training for a bodybuilding competition, a race, swim suit season, or just so you can feel more confident in your clothes. I now have a game plan each time I open the refridgerator and when I go to the gym. In the gym, I learned more is not always better — instead, it’s about intensity and isolating the muscle.

If you allow yourself to trust the plan, then actually follow it, and are honest with yourself then with the help of Amy Jo, mind and body transformation is possible!!
-Tanya Huson
“Amy trained me from 280 lbs. to 214 lbs. at my lowest. I have been able to maintain my weight around 220. The take away has been the habit of regular workouts and more attention to a healthy diet. Don’t let the pretty face fool you, Amy is tough!”
- Bill McDonald


Ryan Kyte – Before & After

I have been working out for over 10 years and finally realized what was holding me back — my eating habits and lack of HIIT Cardio.

Amy Jo helped build a plan for me that was easy to live by. I will forever be on a nutritional plan thanks to AJ Palmdeezy! Pictures speak for themselves.
-Ryan Kyte