• Month to Month $200
  • 3 Months Pre-pay $575
  • 6 Months Pre-pay $1,100
  • One Time Check in (Measurements, Meal plan Reviewed and Revised) $75
Amy Jo's nutrition plans are based on a principle called flexible dieting.  The meal plans emphasize consuming specific amounts of Macronutrients, not calories, per say.

Science, multiple studies, are starting to demonstrate that tracking the specific number of Carbs/Protein/Fat (Macronutrients) we consume is a very effective way to change body composition.

It's not about certain foods or strict timing either. That's where the flexibility comes in. She doesn't do "diets", "I try to help my clients implement strategies, and food choices, that enable them to maintain long term success." - Amy Jo

She customizes each individual's plan to meet their needs and help ensure goals are met.

"Over the last 12 years I have found that clients are able to sustain this lifestyle and maintain results much longer then a more rigid, strict, short term diet." -Amy Jo

$200/ Month (includes 4 appointments)