Powerlifting workout designed to help improve overall strength. Workouts consist of bench press, deadlifts, and back squats. Perfecting form and technique. 
Core and More is designed for complete work of all abdominal muscles. Variations from beginner to advanced of all core exercises designed to burn and build that six pack. All you need is 30 minutes. 
Full Body Attack will incorporate body weight, weighted exercises, and plyometric work all in one. This class is designed to work the body from head to toe and leave you feeling maxed out by the end. Endurance and strength work all over. 
Total Body Shred is designed to maximize endurance and strength while pushing through new movements either with weights or bodyweight. This class will push you to your limits and make you all over stronger. 
Step and Pump is a combination of weight training and cardio intervals. This class is designed with an area of focus each week for the weight training and incorporates high intensity bursts of cardio to keep that heart rate up. 
This class is designed as a high intensity interval training course but with an emphasis on abdominal movements. This class uses body weight plyometric moves and weighted movements to increase calorie burn. 
This class is taught from a technical angle. It is focused on teaching major lifts and increasing strength and power as the weeks progress. You’ll want to be committed to coming back weekly to ensure the building blocks for proper form are not missed!
This class focuses on building the lower body muscles. Burn fat and build the Booty all at the same time. Always a mix of fun and hard work!
Get your quick feet ready! Cone work, ladder drills and speed work will get you a great workout while also improving your athletic abilities!
Saturday morning boot camp is guaranteed to consist of full body exercises, teamwork, and cardiovascular training. Class varies each week per trainer but is designed around circuits, small group training, and/or full body intense intervals. Always a great group of people here to start the weekend off right!
Functional training using TRX straps and your body weight for an ultimate Full body and Core workout! Come check it out!

This class is all Upper Body! Time will fly as you work your way from station to station to complete a series of exercises that are sure to tighten and tone every inch of your upper body. This is the ultimate toning class for all levels, beginner to advanced.

We're making some changes! This Power Yoha womkkk definitely challenge you! Balance your body, mind, and soul with this challenging, mind-clearing class. Focus on stretching, inversions, and yoga moves in our peaceful studio. This class is designed to open up your posture, increase your flexibility, remove stress, and improve your balance.