Amy Jo Palmquest

With a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition and 10 years of experience as a Certified Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I am qualified to customize programs tailored to meet your individual needs.  Whether it is an old nagging knee injury or a chronic health issue, be assured that with proper guidance, it can be overcome. My ability to encourage, coach, and motivate is derived from the commitment I make to my clients to see them reach their goals. So make a decision to join me today; and begin to see the transformation!

Amy Jo Palmquest instructs the following:
  • HIIT Session
  • HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training! Exercises performed as fast as you can for a small amount of time, with timed active recovery in between.

  • Squats and Lunges
  • Get your pump on in this class as we drop the heart pounding cardio moves and focus on building your Booty through strength training! Building a booty takes heavy weights, unique angles, with strict form. You want a booty, then the Booty Shop is for you!