Scott McCarty is a Doctor of Pharmacy with degrees in Biochemistry and Mathematics who specializes in vitamin and nutritional supplement assessment and design.  He works with men, women and children over the age of 12 to design custom vitamin and nutrition supplement regimens base on each individual persons needs and health goals. 

Initial Consultation Process

Your initial consultation is designed to review and initiate your total wellness, anti-aging and performance nutritional supplement regimen.  We will review your personal health history, family health history and health goals in order to gain a comprehensive picture into what vitamin and supplement recommendation are most appropriate.  I will provide you with specific recommendations on what you should be taking based on your individual review.  You will be provided with a schedule on what and when to take each vitamin or supplement in order to optimize their use. 

Supplement Regimen Follow-Up

The follow up should be scheduled at a minimum of every three months while you are a client.  This follow-up can be completed by phone or in-person.  During this follow up we will discuss how the supplement regimen is going for you, your goals, and current progress being made toward them, and any problems or concerns that you may have.  A brief review of your vitamins, supplement, diet and exercise will also be discussed. 

Phone Consultations can be requested at any time to review unexpected issues or concerns or discuss the addition, subtraction or dosage increase of a vitamin or supplement being used. 

The more you are willing to do, the more benefit you will experience.  Taking supplements to repair your body at a cellular level is journey and not a destination.  There will always be a need to make changes based on your current and future goals for your health status.  Be patient and persistent and the changes will begin to happen.