Squats and Lunges

This class is taught by:

Amy Jo Palmquest

With a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition and 10 years of experience as a Certified Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I am qualified to customize programs tailored to meet your individual needs.  Whether it is an old nagging knee injury or a chronic health issue, be assured that with proper guidance, it can be overcome. My ability to encourage, coach, and motivate is derived from the commitment I make to my clients to see them reach their goals. So make a decision to join me today; and begin to see the transformation!

Myra Edwards

Myra has two decades of experience teaching fitness classes.  She's been an instructor at several gyms where she's well known for her motivation and encouragement while coaching.
She holds several certifications that include, National Personal Training institute (NPTI), TRX, Turbo Kickboxing and more!
She has also placed in the Top 3 for Fitness Competitions. 
Whatever your goal may be, she has the knowledge and experience to get you there!

Get your pump on in this class as we drop the heart pounding cardio moves and focus on building your Booty through strength training! Building a booty takes heavy weights, unique angles, with strict form. You want a booty, then the Booty Shop is for you!